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Gunstock Brook

GILFORD RESIDENTS !!  Please take a moment to fill out our survey.  Your responses will guide local officials in their work addressing soil erosion and water quality in the Town of Gilford.

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BCCD 2015 Fall Bulb Sale Fundraiser

(order deadline Sept. 9th)

2015 Bulb Pictures  Fall 2015 Bulb Descriptions  2015 FALL BULB SALE ORDER FORM 2

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The Belknap County Conservation District is offering a wide selection of Fall planted – Spring blooming flowering bulbs to help you beautify your landscape and support pollinators (butterflies, solitary bees, and others) that are so important to our fruit bearing trees and shrubs.

Your purchases support the Conservation Districts efforts to provide on-the-ground conservation and informational outreach to the citizens of Belknap County.

Please take a moment to review the documents above and if you see something you like help support the Belknap County Conservation District by making a purchase.

BCCD Builds a Green Roof Dog House

The New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) were looking to fund projects that demonstrated to the public accessible methods of stormwater (rain and snow melt) control and conservation.  The Belknap County Conservation District came up with the idea of a green roofs for small structures such as garden sheds, garage, or pump house…. but with a twist.  Since we are dog lovers, one and all, we thought of putting a green roof on a dog house.  Our dog house is about 4 feet high at the tallest point in the front and 2.5 feet high at the back, and has a width of 3 feet.  Although not shown, the dog door/entrance is located at the front of the structure on the taller end.  The  6 inch deep planting frame is lined with regular roofing ice/water shield against the plywood platform, and on top of that we have placed a moisture mat, light-weight soil mixture, and drought tolerant plants.  The planting box has drain holes so that the whole thing doesn’t become a mud pit during high rain events.  Since this was to be a demonstration project we put our dog house on wheels and use it as a ‘demonstration model’ to take it to venues such as schools, farm stands, plant nurseries, and public events.  When the model is not on the road it can be seen at the Picnic Rock Farm Stand, 85 Daniel Webster Highway (Route #3), Meredith, NH.  For more information please click on the document below to read our informal handout.

Green Roof for Small Structures BCCD Handout

Green Roof Dog House with Friends Green Roof Dog House Plantings


BCCD 2014 Year-End Activity Report

Please click on this link to review BCCD 2014 Year-End Activity Report.

2014 Year-End Activity Report