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BCCD Tree, Shrub, and Trout Sale Information!

  • Deadline to Order Plants: March 19th
  • Deadline to Order Trout: April 25th

Once again the Belknap County Conservation District is offering a top quality variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers to help provide food, shelter, shade, and beauty for you and our wild friends in your landscaping.  We are offering fruit trees (such as apple, pear, peach, plum, cherry and more), nut trees blueberries, raspberries, grapes, strawberries, shallots, elderberries, crabapples and more for your gardens. Also offered are shrubs and flowers that bear food for wildlife such as high bush cranberry, acorns, dogwoods, bee balm, aster, columbine, and more!

Don’t forget to order your live trout.   

Please see our Tree Sale Descriptions and Trout Flyer Order Form.

The Belknap County Conservation District is taking orders for New Hampshire raised, disease free rainbow and brook trout.  By ordering this spring your trout can adjust to your pond over the summer, and grow to become a tasty feast for you and your family.  Deadline to order is April 25th 2014.  Customers can pick up their pre-paid orders of 6-8″ trout on Sunday, May 4th between 12:30 and 1 PM at the Picnic Rock Farm, Route 3, Meredith, NH.  Pre-paid orders of 10-12″ trout will be delivered directly to your pond sometime between mid-April and early May.

General guidelines for stocking your pond:

  • A ¼ acre pond with a depth of 8 ft. that is full all summer with fresh water may support 100 fish
  • Brook trout need cold water (approximately 45° to 60° F.)
  • Rainbow trout tolerate warmer temperatures
  • Best water pH range is 6 to 9
  • The cleaner the water the better!
  • Use of floating trout feed is recommended, especially for newer ponds
  • New ponds should not be stocked until 1 year after construction
  • Mixing of rainbow and brook trout is not recommended
  • Place a screen at the pond’s outlet to prevent trout from escaping

Thank You.