The BCCD always welcomes volunteers. Here are some of the types of volunteers we are looking for:

Tree and Shrub Sale Volunteer

  • Time Requirement: can be entirely up to the volunteer between April 9th and May 4th; however it is most helpful if you schedule ahead with BCCD staff.  On May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th customers pick up their orders so it some volunteers are needed during specific hours.
  • Duties: help pack bareroot plants into individual customer orders, help distribute packed orders on customer pick-up dates, assist with post sale clean-up. 
  • Other Notes: this activity can be messy and takes place in a garage so dress in weather appropriate ‘play clothes’!  You may also want to bring a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm and dry. We have had people of all ages and physical condition assist us with this sale.  In most cases we can find something for everyone to do!  Those with bad backs may want to bring a lawn chair to sit in.

Community Garden Volunteer Time Requirement: Cleanup – one to two days in early May and one to two days in early November.  Weeds Control – up to the volunteer Duties: help clean up Community Gardens area located on Parade Road, Laconia.  Clean-up entails pulling spent garden plants, picking up debris, picking rocks.  Weed Control entails cutting or pulling invasive species in the garden area and pulling unwanted plants from the hayfield. Other Notes: the parcel of land used for the Community Gardens is located on Parade Road between Old North Main Street and Anthony Drive in Laconia.  The view is wonderful and the gardens are a nice place to sit back and take in a nice day.

Office/Clerical Time Requirement: dependent on task and BCCD staff availability Duties: can be extremely varied